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Annual Report

Annual Report

Message from the Board Chair and CEO

In the last few weeks of the 2019-20 fiscal year (ending March 31, 2020), we saw the whole world begin to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Respecting health directives from both the province and the city, Indefinite Arts Centre’s facility also closed its doors.

 Our Team

In recent years, the Centre has faced adverse circumstances before. It was only two years ago when the roof of the adjoining Fairview Arena forced us to close and temporarily relocate. Though this current pandemic is new territory to everyone, we are proud to have a team of thoughtful – and resilient - staff and volunteers continue to put our artists first and foremost at everything we do.

The purpose of this Annual Report is to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments during the last fiscal year. For a summary of our programming and success stories from the current pandemic, please click here.

Guided by our five-year strategic plan, This is Our Moment, the Centre continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We became the first Canadian arts organization to be installed at the world’s busiest airport in Dubai. Five artists were selected to participate in international artist residencies in Dubai and Guadalajara. And we explored and expanded partnerships with allies across Calgary and around the world – including Contemporary Calgary, the National Music Centre, the British Council and so many others.

All of this work has had one underlying mission – to provide a genuine, authentic platform for our artists to grow and be celebrated as artists. We’re not there quite yet, but we have made huge strides to this end.

This work would not be possible without our talented artists, along with the support of their friends and their families. We would also like to recognize the investments made by our operational partners at the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Calgary Arts Development Authority, as well as countless generous donors who believe in the work we do.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff DeBoer

Jeff de Boer

Chair, Board of Directors

Jung Suk Ryu

Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu

Chief Executive Officer

Artistic Training

Providing a strong platform for artistic training.

Indefinite Arts Centre continues to strengthen its artistic training platforms for our participating artists. Our team of talented studio facilitators work with our artists to identify and meet goals or desired outcomes – and many times, we work collaboratively with other local artists and arts organizations to expand the opportunities made available to our participants. All of this work continues to respect and celebrate the self-directed nature of our programming, ensuring that our artists drive their own creative agenda.


Highlight: Collider Residency at Contemporary Calgary

More than 80 IAC artists occupied the newly renovated Contemporary Calgary venue, the former site of the city’s planetarium, for four weeks during January 2020. Participating artists explored the idea of land within an artist context, working alongside each other and with the support of several guest artists. Throughout the month, several open studios and other public-facing programs allowed Calgarians to interact with and learn from our artists while exploring this fascinating space. On February 1, 2020, more than 500+ visitors came to our artist-designed open studios and karaoke party event.

Pixel Kim Tour

Highlight: Pixel Kim

Thanks to generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Indefinite Arts Centre welcomed Pixel Kim, an internationally-acclaimed artist living with Down syndrome, to his first Canadian tour. Through the last two weeks of August 2019, Pixel opened three exhibitions across Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa – and hosted workshops in each city open to the public, talking about and inspiring others with his unique – and highly-celebrated – arts practice. Click here to see a video of a workshop hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre Canada in Ottawa.


Expanding our artists’ opportunities to be inspired and create.

At Indefinite Arts Centre, we have continued to explore new ways for our artists to expand their artistic practice, and to inspire our artists to take their creation efforts to the next level. So much of this work is made possible by our team of amazing studio facilitators, along with a growing community of mainstream contemporary artists who share their time and creativity with our participants.

City of Calgary

Highlight: Public Art Partnership with the City of Calgary

Our artists partnered once again with the City of Calgary to complete a public art installation at Devonian Gardens in downtown Calgary. Similar to our utility box project launched in 2018, participating artists were motivated to think “big,” showcasing their creativity on twelve buoys. Through this project, more than $12,000 in commission cheques were issued to our participating artists.

National Music CentreScotiabank

Highlight: Music Visualization with the National Music Centre

Thanks to our friends at the National Music Centre, a number of our artists participated in a music visualization residency, where they explored a number of Canadian musical selections curated by NMC staff, and interpreted that music onto a visual medium. Their works were then exhibited at Studio Bell thanks to support from the NMC and Scotiabank, and artists also worked with visitors to help them visualize music through public workshops.


Showcasing our artists’ works
to communities all around the world.

Exhibiting our artists’ works is a key pillar in our strategic plan – and it’s more than just hanging our artists’ works for its own sake. We carefully select venues and opportunities that allow our artists to engage with members of the public and share their stories.

Highlight: Exhibitions in Dubai

A true highlight of this past year was to be selected as the first Canadian arts organization to be installed at the Dubai International Airport – the world’s busiest. Throughout the month of June, more than 6.8 million passengers will have walked past our exhibition Connections, showcasing 14 of our artists’ works alongside those of our sister organization Mawaheb. This followed another successful exhibition in Dubai’s historic district, opened by Consul General Marcy Grossman, British Consul General Andrew Jackson, as well as senior dignitaries representing Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


Highlight: Guadalajara

At the invitation of the British Council, Indefinite Arts Centre had the privilege of representing Canada at a global disability arts symposium Trazando Posibilidades or Tracing Possibilities in Guadalajara, Mexico in early December 2019. Artists Andrew Harding, Susie Meredith, and Brad McCaull participated in this symposium, where their works were also installed as part of an exhibition at Centro Cultural Constitucion, the largest cultural centre in the region of Jalisco.

Tracing Possibilities Guadalajara

Highlight: LAUNCHPAD 2.0 + 3.0

Carrying our tradition of sending off our artists’ works to their global destinations, Indefinite Arts Centre hosted LAUNCHPAD 2.0 and LAUNCHPAD 3.0 at Festival Hall in Calgary. This gave Calgarians an opportunity to see works of IAC artists that have been selected to be exhibited in Dubai and Guadalajara, respectively.


Indefinite Arts Centre: A recognized
thought leader in our field.

Last year continues Indefinite Arts Centre’s ongoing efforts to position itself as a thought leader in the work that we do in support of our artists. Here are some of the initiatives that involved Indefinite Arts Centre leadership:

Tracing Possibilities Guadalajara

Asia Cultural Institute

Our CEO JS Ryu was invited by Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Sport to be a keynote presenter at the Asia Cultural Institute’s Forum for Inclusive Art Education, held at the Asia Culture Centre in Gwangju, South Korea. In his address that focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts, JS spoke about Indefinite Arts Centre’s work, our future strategic direction, and the leadership role that both the Centre and Canada are playing in strengthening the disability arts movement.

Tracing Possibilities Guadalajara

Young Cultural Innovators Canada

Indefinite Arts Centre continues to be represented as part of the growing Young Cultural Innovators (YCI) Canada movement supported by both Canada Council for the Arts and the Salzburg Global Seminar. Our CEO JS Ryu, thanks to support received by Canada Council, shared the work of Indefinite Arts Centre while also learning about local Indigenous history and traditions at a gathering of YCIs on Haida Gwaii.

Tracing Possibilities Guadalajara

Tracing Possibilities / Guadalajara

Both JS Ryu, CEO, and Karly Mortimer, Director, Artist and Program Development, presented at the 2019 Tracing Possibilities Symposium hosted by the British Council. Their presentation, titled Drawing Power from World-Class Institutions, addressed the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for organizations like Indefinite Arts Centre, and where we can take learnings and inspiration from world-class arts-based organizations like Banff Centre.


So much of Indefinite Arts Centre’s success this past year has been driven by our partnerships.

The following are just a few of our partnerships and the impact they have had on our programs.

Momo Movement

Production and costume design for Momo Movement’s The Mind Palace.

Momo Movement

Banff Centre + Xenia Concerts

IAC was a host venue for the community sensory friendly concert of the 2019 Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC).

Banff Centre Xenia

Contemporary Calgary

IAC artists participated in Contemporary Calgary’s Collider Residency.

Contemporary Calgary

National Music Centre

IAC artists participated in a Music Visualization Residency at National Music Centre.

National Music Centre

Market Collective

IAC was a feature booth at both winter and spring Market Collective fairs this past year.

Market Collective

British Council

IAC participated at the 2019 Tracing Possibilities Symposium hosted by the British Council.

British Council

Tangled Arts, BEING Studio, Korean Cultural Centre Canada

Our partner organizations for Pixel Kim’s inaugural Canada tour.

Tangled Arts, Being, Korean Cultural Centre

Mawaheb + Dubai International Airport

Our partner organizations for our 2019 Connections residency and exhibition.

Mawaheb    Dubai International Airport

Dandy Brewing Company

Thanks to our partnership with Dandy Brewing Company, we launched a successful community ceramics close for adults — raising awareness and dollars towards the Centre.

Dandy Brewing Company

Impactful Investments

Indefinite Arts Centre relies on the generosity of public and private sector partners, in addition to the generosity of countless Albertans who invest in our programs.

Below are a few examples of impactful investments made by our partners:

Rozsa Foundation

Thanks to funding from the Rozsa Foundation, Indefinite Arts Centre staff led the development of our new values, entitled Our Compass.

Rosza Foundation

Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada, through their cultural diplomacy program, supported Indefinite Arts Centre’s Dubai exhibition and residency initiative.

Global Affairs Canada

ATB Financial

Thanks to a generous investment made by ATB Financial, Indefinite Arts Centre was able to purchase new wheelchair accessible tables and chairs for our artist lounge.

ATB Financial

Canada Council for the Arts

Canada Council for the Arts continues to support Indefinite Arts Centre’s global outreach efforts, including our Dubai exhibition and residency initiative and our participation at the 2019 Tracing Possibilities Symposium in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Canada Council for the Arts

Tracing Possibilities Guadalajara

Highlight: rare, our 2020 fundraiser

More than 30 business leaders, community leaders, and arts philanthropists attended rare, our 2020 fundraiser held at Contemporary Calgary. Guests were led through a unique wine tasting opportunity, where rare wines from around the world were paired with our artists’ works. Click here to read coverage from the Calgary Herald’s Bill Brooks.


Over the past year, we’ve had so many generous individuals give of their time towards our cause.

We thank them for their contributions:

Margaret Elle
Sandy Ostertag
Kayley Shin
Meghan Lombard-Jones
Kara Obrigewitsch
Naomi Comeau
Ania Widomska
Barb English
Margaret Sundstrom
Nina Morris
Yunsun Lee
Mark Bedford
Roby King
Donald Greenough
Sydney Humenchuk
Nada Khatib
Elisabeth Jones
Jeff de Boer
Judy Galbraith
Jim Cameron
Anndee King
Rob Roach
Beverley Fitzgerald
Michael Parker
Kate Abbott
Jane Geller
Katie Greens
Jenyn Song
Emily Wong
Adebusola Adewumi
Grace Ryu
Sherry Evans
Leslie Wilkins
Margo Delancey
Pansy Angevine
Nina Nikitiuk
Nikki Hill
Cathy Allison
Brian Angevine
Yvonne Sabraw
Irenke Payne
Janice LeDuc
Colleen Dean
Anna Cairns
Keith Nixon
Doreen Nixon
Jung-Suk Ryu
Heather Jones
Vanessa Toews
Sam Komolafe
Shannel Duthie
Rebecca Kimber
Richelle Bear Hat
Karly Mortimer


Due to COVID-19, Indefinite Arts Centre’s annual audit has been delayed and was not completed prior to the publication of our annual report.

These are pre-audited financials as of March 31, 2020. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to email us at

Total Revenues: $1.28M (2019-20)

Total Revenues

Total Expenditures: $1.27M (2019-20)

Total Expenditures

Our Donors + Partners

Over the past year, we’ve had so many generous individuals give financially towards our cause.

We thank them for their contributions:

Operational Partners:

Government of Alberta

Calgary Arts Development

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Facility Partner:

The City of Calgary

Project Partners:

Canada Council for the Arts

Global Affairs Canada

Rozsa Foundation

Calgary Foundation


Ron and Melissa Wigham


Hotchkiss Family Foundation

Michael and Renae Tims



ATB Financial


Amanda Varty

Art Space and Design

Bow Valley Credit Union

Dell and Lauren Pohlman

Executive Millwork Inc.

Fairview Community Association

Gerald D. Chipeur, Q.C.

Lauren Wigham

Under $999

Allin Boyer

Amber Webb

AnnDee King

April Rogowski

Ayers Justine Helesic

Bonnie Skelling

Byron McDonald

Calgary Foundation

Carol Mortimer

Carson Harding

Cathy Kerr

Christine Armstrong

Deanna Goacher

Debbie Lemke

Deborah Switzer-Cook

Deborah Trochim

Gail Vanairsdale

Geraldine Munro

Ina-Jean Gietz

Jeff de Boer

Jo Anne Murray

Jodi James

Kaisnie Singh

Kate Abbott

Kathleen Brownlee

Kevin Marjoram

Kimberley Jev

Kristine Thompson

Kyla Longstaff

Lachlin McKinnon

Lake Bonavista Village

Leia Tait

Marla Christianson

Matthew Grant

Maureen Moul

Pat Desaulniers

Patrica Pennock

Patricia Ruby

Riaz Mamdani

Robyn Messer

Sarah Braneaccio

Sean Drysdale

Shannon Lyall

Sharon Walker

Simon Mallet

Subah Sadiq

Todd Hirsch

Tyler Varga

Wendy Hunt

Artist Patrons

AnnDee King

Annice Pendrel

Barbara Beck

Carlos Foggin

Gail McPhail

James Cameron

Jennifer Green

Juanita Carberry

Jung-Suk and Nari Ryu

Kara Tersen

Kris and Greg Thompson

Kyle Olsen

Laura-Jeanne Stollery

Lori McLellan

Marc Workman

Marion Nichols

Maureen Riddle

Michael and Raechel Kim

Nicole Kaczkowski

Pansy Angevine

Pete Lendl

Rhodri Meredith

Sam Komolafe

Sharon Kaczkowski

Simon Mallett

Sonya Regehr

Terence Meredith


Our Team (2019/20)

Indefinite Arts Centre is powered by an amazing team of staff dedicated to supporting our artists.

We thank them for their contributions:


Jung-Suk Ryu

Chief Executive Officer

Karly Mortimer

Director, Artist and Program Development

Heather Jones

Manager, Operations


Vanessa Toews

Coordinator, Programs and Exhibitions (until March 2020)

Clayton Smith

Acting Coordinator, Programs and Exhibitions

Alisha Marie

Studio Facilitator

Jarret Hlady

Studio Facilitator

Rebecca Kimber

Studio Facilitator

Richelle Bear Hat

Studio Facilitator

Artist Services

Sam Komolafe

Finance Officer (until March 2020)

Kyra Ball

Coordinator, Artist Services

Special Projects + Executive Office

Nicole Kaczkowski

Coordinator, Projects

Reanne Pearson

Administrative Assistant (until May 2019)

Shannel Duthie

Administrative Assistant (May 2019 to December 2019)

Community Programs

Emily Lendl

Community Program Instructor

Sydney Humenchuk

Community Program Instructor

Our Board (2019/20)

Indefinite Arts Centre is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

We thank them for their contributions:

Jeff de Boer


Judith Galbraith


James Cameron


AnnDee King
Beverley Fitzgerald
Kate Abbott
Marion Nichols (Until May 2019)
Michael Parker
Robert Roach